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Babies and business – Keeping it Peachy

Well – as you may have noticed, we took a bit of a hiatus from the MiP blog.

It turns out running a business, whilst caring for a baby is hefty work – who knew?

Make it Peachy has been my baby for coming up for 6 years. It has evolved a hundred times as I have adapted to market needs and expanded and contracted as business and life has allowed. Alongside the growth of MiP, has been the growth of my little family. My two little boys are my muses, my roadblocks and my inspiration, constantly throwing my carefully laid plans to the wolves, keeping me agile and ready for anything.

As a result of my experience in the last year, and the ongoing chaos of rearing two extraordinary little boys, I have decided to give this blog a new direction.

You see in just under 16 months I have:

  • Successfully managed the running of my little business
  • Lost 40+ kgs
  • Managed the transition of Mr 4 to preschool
  • Kept a newborn alive and fed (and his father and brother for that matter)

And I’ve done it all on what I like to call Exiguous

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