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Keep up to date with our latest news, top tips, ideas and advice with the Make it Peachy Blog. Below is a list of our blogs. You’ll notice some of our earlier blogs were written and published from the perspective of our Founder and Head Writer, Peach Robb. As Make it Peachy evolves, we will continue to welcome new perspectives from friends, colleagues, experts and more.

Feel free to have a read, share your thoughts and show your friends and colleagues.

Spring Clean – dump these five common mistakes for sharper content

What sporting movies can teach us about writing for business

Why ethics is so important to us

How to master technical writing

Top tips for writing for the web

Why should you invest in content marketing?

Before you begin – top ten questions to ask yourself before you start creating content

Comic-Con – A lesson in business and communication

Top ten grammar hacks – seriously, can someone please explain that F*&^ing apostrophe?

The art of storytelling – what Joss Whedon teaches us about content creation

Re-introducing – Make it Peachy

Newsworthiness versus total tone deafness – how to find the balance

Top ten blogs for and about writing

How to be productive in this disgusting heat wave

Research my old friend – the key to credibility

Billing when freelancing – overcoming the awkwardness

Training your brain – how I found more hours in the day

Create better content with these top tips

Writing tips for non-writers: writing for business

Don’t let silly mistakes spell the end of your credibility

Writing tips for non-writers – KISS your jargon filled copy goodbye

Writing tips for non-writers – secrets of newsworthiness

Give your customers a treat this Halloween, not a trick

5 Awesome benefits of creating your own content


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